WilliWill is a self-taught astrologer and tarot artist. About ten years ago, he started looking at his horoscope for fun. When that wasn’t fun enough, he started reading every book he could find. When that fun ran out, he found more on YouTube. After a while, he noticed he had opinions on things like what it felt like for Venus to be retrograde or when Saturn was in the 8th house vs. the 7th. Fun! He then started talking to everyone he knew about the zodiac, letting everyone know he was ‘astrologizing’ them. Because he was. Last summer, after finishing his Saturn return and getting in touch with his guides via a gifted medium, he decided to start this super serious, game-changing blog. Thus armed with years of research, his encyclopedic arcane knowledge has been changing the world ever since. (Thanks for reading, mom!)

Will approaches the symbols of astrology and tarot through multiple paths as interpreter. Down one road is mysticism and energy, the symbols reaching out through the stars and cards to deliver a message to you. Down another are psychological tools, symbols presented to you that are automatically given meaning and mapped by the mind. Down another, an intuitive leap of faith.

He’s done personal readings as well as parties and private events, locally and across the country. If he could predict your future, he’d say you will get ahold of him here or on Facebook. Spooky accurate, right?!

When he’s not saving the known universe with astrology, his normal, boring day job is in the theatre. He lives in Utah with his bf and four friggin cats.